Timothy & HomeNet were incredible!


"Timothy went above and beyond in every way!  He acted as my personal shopper, meeting me at the store, recommending the best products available for my budget AND delivered them to my home! He carried the boxes inside, unpacked everything, and got it all set up and working.  His knowledge of networking, AV and everything wireless is amazing!  My network has never worked so well!  Plus, as a single woman, it is great to have someone that I can completely trust in my home! His pricing is very reasonable and affordable!  I highly recommend Timothy!"

Wendy Willams

Property Manager

1001 17th Street



Mesh Networking & Devices

Glowing Keyboard

This is our Core component. because if your Wifi network is weak or slow, nothing else works! Let us install a new Mesh network that will allow you to grow as needed. if your home is older, this is what you need.  We can tie your current modem into a complete WiFi power-house.

SONOS, Dolby Atmos Soundbars


Sonos web based streaming audio service that get's your home incredible streaming audio.  We focus on standalone Sonos units and Homenet also does SONOS based Theaters.  No in wall wiring saves BIG money! Indoors and Outdoor Systems

WiFi Cameras & Security


NEST® Ring® and & More. Indoor and Outdoor WiFi based camera's and Smart Home Devices. Get peace of mind whether your at home or not. We'll install and setup your system so you've got eyes in the sky.

Remodels & Custom Builders

Modern Living Room

Homenet AV® works with builders to design and install the perfect balance of equipment and performance for customers who need a total home package. We provide wholesale pricing as well. If your a GC or acting GC HomenetAV cab truly help with costs and installation. We can save you far more because we can get you products for whatever stage your build cycle is at.



Homenet® can help you find the Gremlins in your system. Remove, Update and get you back on track with high performance. Call Us today, Let's talk. ISP, Cable, Networking, WiFi, Inside wiring and more. 

We help with all kinds of issues. Don't be afraid to ask if we can help. Need a a new Phone jack or networking insert. We can terminate or re-terminate any inside outlet or phone 66 block. Need help with your Cable? or Distribution? We can help.

Automation / Alexa / Google

Modern Bedroom


We can get your TV and simple AV systems fully integrated using or Pro level Logitech Harmony Pro Remotes. Yes, These are every bit as good as the more expensive brands and can get the pile of remotes off your table for LESS. Let us revamp your current remote system and get some easy to use control back in your life.

Homenet®  Designs and installs home automation for Less! Whether your building your dream home, or adding some new Tech, Homenet can do it with the attention to detail you deserve. Get your Smart home system setup and online today. We do custom home tech for people who don't want to buy a Ferrari just to watch a movie, or get a camera system installed. But you WILL be amazed at what you can afford to get professionally installed. Contact US today for a fast quote directly to your email.

PC - MAC & Printer Consulting

New Laptop

I have been building and maintaining computers for over 25 years as a professional IT administrator. I can FIX your problems with systems, Printers, what to buy and how much too spend. What works and what doesn't. Home Nets' personal approach provides Tech advise you can understand. We also do the shopping for you. Plus we can design and build full custom PCs. Not too mention we also repair systems attacked by viruses. And we secure as well as backup your important files.