About Homenet.


Hello ~


I'm Timothy, Owner and Consultant of Homenet®

After 19 Years of doing corporate IT, and then 5 years doing Pro residential AV. I decided it was time for me to branch out and help people get tech and AV in their homes and small businesses at reasonable prices. Are you tired of paying sky high prices for AV and home related automation?  Our "Room by Room" approach concentrates on what you need in that room ties to a global home system. The days of full home Pre-Wires are over! We use full 5G WiFi mesh networking tied to a fiber backbone between floors to achieve fast throughput and better performance with easy upgrades to whatever part of the system you want. Fully integrated and everything the other large companies offer at extreme price & cost savings. 

Let's simplify your home and get you 90% of what the full Custom home integrator s do for A LOT less.  You won't need an engineering degree to use our systems. We help you save money by integrating the same products as the BIG companies, we just see things differently to help save on the massive costs associated with custom AV.


But what makes Homenet® different than the rest? Good Question. The answer is simple. I provide a personal approach to your tech questions and what truly constitutes an advanced home. I focus on Three core components of your home or business.

  • 1.  Service! at Fair prices so anyone can afford a nice home system.

  • 2.  Internet and WiFi - The Core and foundation of Homenet®

  • 3.  Focus. We are not all things to all people. In other words Homenet® works around the items and service that most people use everyday. WiFi, Home Audio, Smart devices, TV, Computers, Printers.


What we DO do in a nutshell

  • All things WiFi based. WiFi for Older homes. Zero added wires!

  • Fix HDMI and Video balun issues. 

  • Mesh networking and whole home extended WiFi without running new Cat6, or Cat5.

  • SONOS separates. Play Ones, Play 5, Plus all Other SONOS equipment

  • SONOS wireless Home Theaters. These are simply phenomenal

  • NEST® Hello Doorbells and Cameras and Deadbolt Locks

  • Ring® Cameras and Pro Doorbells.

  • Arlo® Cameras and Security. You get the Idea.

  • Fix Internet related . Computer devices of All types.

  • Build Custom PC's or fix your current one.

  • Harmony Pro Remotes®  home automation.

  • Occasionally we install Savant systems, or Fix Savant issues.

  • Tech issues. Cable Internet, DSL Internet issues.

  • Functionality issues. Things just stopped! Let's troubleshoot.

  • TV and everyday home theaters installation. We wall mount your TV to perfection.

What we don't do in a nutshell​

  • Custom Shades 

  • Retro Wiring and in wall Speakers unless they are pre-existing.

  • Full wired backbone - Access points. There's simply NO need for those any more.

  • Super High end Remotes and Control Systems. Why? Because I can get you 95% of what those systems do at a fraction of the cost using local IR and Web based setup.

  • We can help fix, Pro Control, RTI, Harmony Pro, Savant where needed.

  • iPad's  for remote control is simply a waste of time when all you want to do is change the station on your TV. They're great for SONOS and Audio. But terrible for television control. 


Small Business Services

  • Small Business WiFi and IT support

  • Small Business SONOS Audio

  • AV support for Simple everyday items

  • WiFi based Nest® and Ring® and other Brands of Cameras. Cloud Based.

  • Small Fitness facilities AV support and Quality Audio

  • Small Digital Signage.

  • More...Just Ask.

I realized a while ago certain aspects were missing when selecting a home tech. The biggest one being who's going to show up next? What I mean by that is, let's say you've called the Big Box Yellow store and tech one shows up, then leaves without really understanding your issues. You call again and tech Two shows up, this time basically starting over and now you've had two techs do two different things. I kept seeing this over and over. I'm not saying the they have bad techs, what I mean is that they haven't built trust and next time, it's going to be yet another tech. 

If you have an issue or would like a personal friendly professional tech that you can trust 100% please give ma a call. I will make sure you are treated with the best service you've ever experienced and get you the tech support and products you'll love.

Thank You!~

Timothy M.

Owner, Consultant.

Homenet AV.

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