Faqs - About us.

Since Wifi is ubiquitous in today's homes it makes sense to use that high speed tech to advance your home's infrastructure without all the mess and expense of running cables everywhere and allow a faster more future proof way to get the newer products that take advantage of your current internet and home WiFi capabilities.


Our approach is to design & install home based WiFi MESH networks and smaller AV systems that you can count on and are much easier to maintain over time. We use only the best equipment for our systems. Name brands you can trust! If you want a ring doorbell or NEST Thermostat, Homenet can source and install products for whatever your situation.

Setup a phone consultation today, then get on our schedule for install and we can have your home fully up to date with the best Wifi Mesh networks available and allow you to fully realize and benefit from newer technologies without spending a small fortune.


Common Questions about service and products.

Q. Installation and Service

A. Our normal outside installations for Wifi Cameras and Rings, Nest and other exterior devices is usually completed when when the temperatures are above 32 degrees and normally not raining or snowing. Since the devices are sensitive to all liquids care must be taken to ensure they remain dry and free of moisture, dust and other contaminants.  

Q. Brands we Use?

A. We are always looking for newer technologies that we can provide our customers so that they are at least future proofed for a good number of years. We start with only the BEST in Home based Wifi without all the nonsense of pre-wiring access points and other equipment. It's the sole purpose of Homenet®. Using brands such as, Google Wifi, Eero, Arlo, Nest, and Ring, plus others. we can utilize those companies broad market presence and their tried and tested technologies. We trust and rely on their backbone to help secure your home and the systems within it.

Q. How does your pricing compare?

A. While we strive to have the best pricing we also understand that using inferior products is simply not a sound choice when building a customers home network. From the Wifi backbone, to "IOT" ( Internet of things ) devices we want reliability above all else. Knowing that we've priced our services to allow more people to enjoy the benefits of a properly setup secure network and the devices that must be secure within that network. 

Q. How much does a typical Wifi network without the wired access point cost?

A. This is the best part! Since Homenet® need NO wires to run, we have already saved our customers a huge amount based on that portion of an install. Trust when we say the money you saved by NOT having us run wires easily covers the cost of an entire Wifi MESH system installed and ready to perform. A typical installed MESH wifi system setup is usually right at $625. That includes the products and installation. NOTHING is ever due upfront. You simply order the service we'll show up and install your new home mesh network.

Q. Do you need access to personal information?

A. Only limited information is needed. Typically we'll need a valid email address and certain current information to attach to your current network. Such as your Wifi Password. If we're setting up from scratch, we'll simply ask what you would prefer to use as your password. We will look at your router setup to make sure it setup properly and securely. Any other information, we'll just ask when we're on site.

Q. Don't some things have to have wires?

A. Yes! that true, not all things can be fully wireless based. i.e Speakers! and items that use HDMI cables. These are still physical mediums that  require the right type of cabling. However, our SONOS systems can be FULLY wireless based systems and Whole home Audio can be achieved.

Q. What about POWER requirements?

A. ALL Wifi devices and SONOS devices MUST have the proper power to work properly. In some cases such as a fully SONOS based Theater, we'll need our licensed Electrician to add power to where the Satellite Rear speakers are installed. We handle ALL the details and keep you apprised of any issues that might need attention. 

Q. Your site says you do computers as well, Can I order a new desktop or Laptop through you? A. Of course! we'll shop based on your needs and we'll discuss what might prove to be the best system for you. From iMACS, to Custom built PCs to integrated products, like Printers, and All - In - Ones. We'll make sure you fully understand how it works with our one ON one service. We provide training on ALL forms of computer systems as well.

Q. I don't see what I'm looking for here? 

A. No worries, Just call us and we'll be more that happy to talk about your system, where you are at and how we can help point you in the right direction. Even better please send us a note from out contact page. We'll be on it. FAST!