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Professional Advise, Attention to detail, and affordable services. That's Homenet® Custom WiFI based AV. Today, everything HomenetAV® integrates into a smart house is the size of a small hub. Everything is small, centrally located in every room for the client, but it’s just as powerful and can do the same or much more than some traditional systems on the market today.

From Streaming TV to advanced Alexa & Google skills and voice control, your system can do more for less. You'll have more control than ever while reducing the costs of Rack based AV systems. Yes we do racks as well, but only when needed.

As a builder, homeowner or Re-Modeler Are you tired of paying sky high prices for AV and home related automation?  Our "Room by Room" approach concentrates on what you need in that room which also ties to a global home system.  We use WIFI mesh networking tied to a fiber backbone between floors @ 18Gbps per second. Get Blazing fast throughput and better performance with easy upgrades to whatever part of the system you want. Fully integrated and everything the other large companies offer at extreme savings.  Homenet AV® can help you achieve the perfect balance between cost and performance. 

We'll make sure you and your home are taken care of in a professional, courteous & trustworthy manner. homenetav@gmail.com. 720.346.8295m. 


Remodels & Custom Builders

Modern Living Room

Homenet AV® works with builders to design and install the perfect balance of equipment and performance for customers who need a total home package. We provide wholesale pricing as well. If your a GC or acting GC HomenetAV cab truly help with costs and installation. We can save you far more because we can get you products for whatever stage your build cycle is at. 


Our designs always include everything you need & want for one price. Equipment, Install &  Programming, Plus Training. It's ALL included. 

From Cat6 cabling to Speaker cables and ISP Termination we can get your network setup properly & securely. Our decentralized approach mean easier maintenance and easier upgrades.

Cable Cutting & Streaming


Home Theater and Automation, it's certainly one of the most misunderstood tech systems in your home. What to buy, how much to spend, and Who to use as your provider? Cutting the cable cord? Homenet®  can help you get it right.


Building or Remodeling your basement? Want an affordable Theater that absolutely ROCKS! at incredible pricing, we can help get it done.


We'll design, and work with your builder to get your system installed. Let us build you a 4k UHD system that will amaze you for less that any other company. Custom high end work without the massive price tag. We'll beat ANY other provider you can find for you project.

Whole Home Audio & AV


What about whole home audio? Sonos defines whole home WiFi based audio. 


Homenet will setup the perfect balance of products to fill your home with incredible sound. If you have Pre-existing speakers we can add a Sonos system that works with those speakers. Or we can add separate Sonos units to design a stunning solution. Or if you like or are using Alexa, we can incorporate that into just about any AV of whole home solution, SONOS Play One V3 now works with Alexa. 

Please Use our Chat System for Immediate questions!

Mesh WiFi & Cloud Security

Sonos AV, and Wireless THX

Home Networking & WiFi Products Integration

PC & MAC Consulting


Home IT is rapidly becoming one of the fastest sources of confusion and integration nightmares.  At Home Net®, we bring a personal approach to your Home based WiFi and Networking challenges.  We Are the WiFi based experts and can get your network performing at it's fastest speeds. If your home is older and your not sure who or where to turn for advice. Please call us or send us a note. We'd love to talk about your system and how we can help add the correct system and tie in all your devices for a cohesive balanced high performing environment. right products and systems at a fair price. 

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